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Don't think a dog can change your entire life?  Well, think again...  When a severe illness threatened my life, God sent an amazing little yellow Labrador to brighten up my world.  Suzy is an Amazing athlete and even more, a miracle friend that forever changed my life!  So, basically, whatever Suzy wants, Suzy gets!

And...  this is why she has her Own Personal 21'x41' Dock Diving Pool...  and although she was reluctant to share it with Anyone, she finally agreed...  lol

So, if you are interested in coming and playing in Suzy's pool, please feel free to give us a call and make an appointment!  (Disclosures and Rules listed below).

Dock Diving is an up and coming new canine sport that is taking the nation by storm!  More information regarding this is included in our link to NADD, below.

Whether Swimming for fun and recreation or for conditioning or prepping for hunting, Suzy's pool is a great place to come enjoy with your 4 legged friend!

Disclosures and Rules for Suzy's Pool:

By Appointment Only.


•Self Swim:  $25/Half Hour, $10 /Additional Dogs

•Recreational Swim:  $25/Hour/Dog  (If Owner has Multiple dogs, $10/second, third, etc)

   (Minimum number of 2 owners for Recreational Swim Prices)

Liability Waiver Forms and Rules are available for download on our Forms page.

• Liability Waivers are required for all participants and guests.  The Oregon Equine Inherent Risk Law is applicable to Everyone who enters this property as it is primarily an Equine Facility, and as such all persons shall be bound by ORS  30.687-30.697 (It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this statute and know your legal rights).  And, although this IS an Equine Facility, IF you are coming to play in Suzy's Pool, You are Not allowed in any of the Barns or Horse Areas without prior permission.

•Dogs MUST have prior swimming experience.  I highly recommend PAWS in Hillsboro for lessons.

• All dogs currently under the care of a veterinarian for a medical or surgical condition, and all dogs 10     years or over, will require a veterinary consent form prior to swimming .

• Please brush you dog before coming to swim. If excessively dirty they must be bathed before going in the pool, or will not be allowed to swim, and you will be charged half a session for wasting my time. 

• Please make sure that your dog goes potty prior to your appointment. Dogs also often have to take potty breaks during their swim times. Waste bags are provided.   ABSOLUTELY NO Pottying within the fenced in pool area.  Any dogs found relieving themselves there shall be fined $10.  There are specific areas in which to potty your dog, Please make sure you know Where is Ok and where is Not Ok.  

(For example, My agility area and gardens and plants are Not ok)...   Please pick up after your dog.

• In the event your dog has a bowel movement in the pool, although seldom required, we reserve the right to charge a cleanup, sanitation fee up to $200.00 if the pool must be shut down due to clean up. 

• All dogs must be on leash at all times unless they are swimming  

• Do not feed your dog within 4 hours of swimming.

• Owners are not allowed in the pool during recreational swim times. 

They may go in the water with their dogs during private self-swims only, upon prior approval. 

• No children under 16 are allowed in the pool. 

• All self-swims and recreational swim dogs must bring their own towels. 

• Payment is due at the time of the session. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards 

(however, credit cards incur an additional 3% charge).

•Please be aware that this is an Outside Pool, and as such, Weather may be a factor to consider whether or not you want to book an appointment.  Please plan accordingly.

•CANCELLATION POLICY:   When you schedule a swim appointment for your dog we reserve that time for you. Therefore, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you cancel your session, otherwise you will be charged for your reserved pool time. 

•And, Most importantly, Have FUN with your dog!!!  And, enjoy your visit!!  :) 


Link To NADD (North american diving dogs) And PAWS Website:

Additional Information

 (Copied from the NADD "About Us" Page)

Dock Diving is one of the fastest growing sports for your dog.  North America Diving Dogs is an organization that has enhanced the sport by working with dock diving facilities & competitors across North America.

North America Diving Dogs titles are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) though the AKC's Title Recognition Program.  Your dog DOES NOT have to be an AKC registered dog to participate in a North America Diving Dogs trial.  Dogs without an AKC Pedigree may join the AKC's Canine Partners program for AKC Titling recognition.

If you are new to the sport, most of the dock diving facilities have training programs for you and your dog to learn about dock diving.

North America Diving Dogs is open for all breeds and mixes.  We have created divisions so any size and age of dog can achieve excellence.  The Open class is for all size dogs.  The Lap Class is for all dogs under 16″ at the withers.  If you have a Lap Class dog it can achieve the same titles as the Open Class but does not have to jump the same distance.  We also offer a Veterans division.

North America Diving Dogs recognizes every Qualifying jump that your dog earns toward a Title no matter what division it is earned in.  Qualifying jumps add up to Titles throughout your dog’s entire career. Your NADD titles will be recognized by both AKC & CKC.

North America Diving Dogs is staffed by individuals passionate about the sport and the competitors (the dogs) both new & experienced, so we want both the events and competitors to be successful in the sport of dock diving. All facilities are independently owned. NADD has 6 portable docks that brings dock diving to the AKC shows to introduce more dogs to the sport.

Here is the Link to the NADD Website:   https://northamericadivingdogs.com/ 

Here is the Link to PAWS Aquatics:   http://www.pawsrehab.net/ 


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