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There is More info "About Us",  following the Link pages below. 

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Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza



This page includes our current rates for Horse Boarding as well as our specialty dog activities.  It also has a payment option and a list of downloadable forms.

Suzy's Super Splash

Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza



This page will showcase Suzy's very own 21'x41' dock diving pool that she has graciously agreed to share with the Public!  (by appointment only)

Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza

Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza

Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza


This page is about Suzy's special Barn Hunt setup and will include dates of upcoming clinics and events.  Suzy has been talked into willingly sharing her course.  (by appointment only)

Links to Popular Sites

Latest News and Fun Pics

Suzy's Barn Hunt Bonanza


This page includes all your favorite Horse and Dog related Links, From AHA - XAD!!

My Babies/My Family

Latest News and Fun Pics

Latest News and Fun Pics


This page is just for fun, and a place for me to showcase my wonderful family.

Latest News and Fun Pics

Latest News and Fun Pics

Latest News and Fun Pics


This page will have current updates, special events and show/trial pics. 

About Us

Proudly Created, Owned and Operated by Liz and Jerry Couzin.

 Established in 1991, Springhill Stables is located in the lovely Willamette Valley 

and is a clean, fun, friendly, well maintained facility that features:

a large Indoor Arena (60 x 144), Large Outdoor Arena, and 2 Round Pens (66' & 50'). 

We offer mainly partial care with possible full care openings. 

(Honestly, we Prefer Partial Care, as we have been doing this for a Long time and want time to enjoy our own animals!) 

However, We do all of the feeding, both morning and evening, as we like the horses on a schedule.

Base rate for an inside stall is $150/month, and a stall with a paddock is $175/month

Stall cleaning and turnout rates (if available)  depend on the frequency ...  every day or every other day - 

(with the minimum cleaning requirement being every other day).

All breeds and disciplines are welcome, from Minis to Warmbloods and Trail Riding to Retired, 

and everything in between (Western, Hunter, Dressage, Jumping, etc), ...  All are welcome here.  

We have a wonderful group of people here where everyone gets along... like a big family (the way it should be). 

Drama is Absolutely NOT allowed.  (If you like Drama...  don't bother contacting us!)

I also expect people to follow simple rules and to clean up after themselves...  It's a group effort!!

Horses settle in very easily and we have often been dubbed as the "Peaceable Kingdom"!

And, on a personal note, I have been married to my Best Friend since 6-9-84.  We moved here from Juneau, Alaska in 1991.

We started with 14 stalls and 2 horses on the place, and have built our stable up to what it is today, on our own.

Although we have now 55 permanent stalls, and have housed up to 65 horses many times, we no longer HAVE to be Full!

And as my Pictures show, we Do have 3 indoor arenas...  and I Used to Offer 3... however I have converted 1

of them into a dog activity barn (for my agility and barn hunt courses), and the other is my own personal barn, 

where  I generally have a trail obstacle course set up in that I occasionally allow others to play on!

We were fortunate enough to have paid our place off in early 2016 and It is the Best feeling in the world!!

It took a lot of blood, sweat, tears and determination to get where we are today, but, we are Very proud of the wonderful place that we have created, and we are happy to share it with others, as long as they respect what work has gone into it.

We just want people to know that we no longer HAVE to board horses...  to pay the bills...  We Choose to!

This entitles us to be selective on the type of people that we want to be at our "home"...  This isn't just a business, 

This is our Home, and we want people to treat it as such, and to be a part of our family and to be pleasant to one another!

I've had many health issues over the years, and life is just too short to waste it...  

Enjoy it to the best of your abilities and SMILE!!!

I've also recently discovered the "dog world" (literally in early 2018)... and am having a Blast in it!!

Within this website, you will find many links to the fun activities I have been participating in,

as well as pages to new adventures that Springhill Stables is getting involved in...  Enjoy!!!

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Please feel free to call, or Better yet, see us in person!

 We love our customers, so please feel free to call during normal business hours, (9am-9pm) 

for any questions you may have or to schedule a visit or a tour.

NOTE:  I may not answer my phone as I get a LOT of spam callers... so PLEASE leave a message, and 

I Will call you back...  (If I don't, Please call again!)...  If you email me, I will give you my cell number!

(Please, no drop ins, as we want to be sure to have time to spend with you!)

Springhill Stables

Albany, OR 97321 US

(541) 928-8943