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Suzy's Barn Hunt Fun

This amazing dog has so much fun in Everything she does, but, she decided that she REALLY Loves Hunting Rats!  So, what do you do for a dog that deserves Every Happiness in Life?  Why you Build her her Own Hunt Area, of course!!...  and since we Already Have Barns and Hay...  It seemed like a natural progression...  lol...    (And, no...  we don't have a rodent problem...  hahaha... these are "pet rats" that are enclosed within safe tubes that are hidden in hay that dogs search for).   All ages of dogs Love this game and even her 8 month old son is enjoying the game (and even got his Novice Barn Hunt title in 3 out of 3 classes at 7 months of age)!

We enjoy sharing our fun course with others (as long as they respect our area and help keep it clean, and follow simple rules - see below).

We also love encouraging others to learn about this relatively new, but quickly growing sport.   We host many clinics and lessons held by Karla Sanders/Valley Dog Sports (link Listed below).  

More information on this fun and exciting new sport is included in our link to the BHA (Barn Hunt Association) Website, below.


By appointment only (no drop ins please)

Liability Waiver Forms and Rules are available for download on our Forms page. 

Fees:  $1/minute for Whatever you want to work on!  You may work on finding rats, tunnels, or both!

We try to change the course around periodically and have tunnels for all levels. 

(This is available to those who have participated in a clinic or lesson and just want to practice.)

• Liability Waivers are required for all participants and guests.  The Oregon Equine Inherent Risk Law is applicable to Everyone who enters this property as it is primarily an Equine Facility, and as such all persons shall be bound by ORS  30.687-30.697 (It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this statute and know your legal rights).  And, although this IS an Equine Facility, IF you are coming to play in Suzy's Barn Hunt, You are Not allowed in any of the Other Barns or Horse Areas without prior permission.  (If you would like a tour, I'm happy to show you around if I have time).

• All dogs currently under the care of a veterinarian for a medical or surgical condition, and all dogs 10     years or over, will require a veterinary consent form prior to climbing on bales or hunting rats .

•All dogs must be on leash at all times unless they are Inside the Barn Hunt Fenced area.  

• Please make sure that your dog goes potty prior to your appointment.   Dogs also often have to take potty breaks during their hunt times, and hunting can get them excited and some dogs think that hay is a great area to relieve themselves in...  Please do NOT let your dog potty in the barn hunt area!  

IF they have a mistake, Please make sure to advise us of it, as we Must clean/sanitize the area.  

ALL Dogs that relieve themselves in the area will be assessed a $10 fee.    (Avoid this by making sure you Potty your dogs Regularly and teach them Not to relieve themselves in/on hay).

There are specific areas in which to potty your dog, Please make sure you know Where is Ok and where is Not Ok.  (For example, My agility area and gardens and plants are Not ok)...

Please pick up after your dog...  Waste bags are provided for your use if you forget yours!

•And, Most importantly, Have FUN with your dog!!!  And, enjoy your visit!!  :)


Calendar of Upcoming Events

Barn Hunt 101 and 3R Classes (and Upcoming Trials)

Due to COVID-19, clinics and trials are temporarily suspended.  Please check back for updates.

Barn Hunt 101  classes held by Valley Dog Sports and Karla Sanders (please contact Karla)

Waiting list for 3Rs private coaching with Karla Sanders

Go to  https://www.facebook.com/ValleyDogSports/  for more information.

PRACTICE BARN - Springhill Boarding Stables, 5368 NW Springhill Dr, Albany, Oregon

Questions regarding a reactive dog, a specific training need, or accommodation for a disability? 

Call 503-871-7015  Karla Sanders/Valley Dog Sports


June 19-21, 2020    Canby     (NW Barn Dogs, LLC)

September 11-13      Bend     (Sunnyside Dog Sports)

October 2-4       Ridgefield, WA     (River Rat Barn Hunt)

October 23-25      Bend     (Sunnyside Dog Sports)

November 27-29       Ridgefield, WA      (River Rat Barn Hunt)

For more information, please visit:  www.barnhunt.com  for premium and online entry.  (Please note:  I'm not responsible for incorrect or missing information...  this is just what is available to me at the time of posting)


Link to the bha (barn hunt association) website:

Additional Information

(Copied from the BHA "Home/About" Page) 

Barn Hunt is the new and quickly growing dog sport catching fire across the country! Barn Hunt is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin. Some breeds were specifically created to fill this role, and for many of those breeds, Barn Hunt provides their first true opportunity for responsible breeders to test proper working traits in their dogs. Barn Hunt is also open to any dog of any breed or mix who wishes to play the game and can fit through an 18" wide by bale-height tall tunnel. Barn Hunt has titles, levels of increasing difficulty, and championships. Barn Hunt is an independent sport, but titles are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the United Kennel Club (UKC), and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). To see how to get your title recognized, go to FAQs and About (AKC/UKC/CKC).

Barn Hunt is committed to creating a safe and fun sport for dogs, that also holds rat care at the highest level of consideration. The rats used in Barn Hunt are beloved family pets. They jump eagerly into their safe, comfortable aerated tubes and truly enjoy interacting with the dogs.

We're a great sport for older dogs, and older people too! Tripod dogs can compete, and so can deaf dogs. To get started first read the rules, then find a club near you, or even think about forming your own club. You can also find events on the event calendar. We hope you try it, we think you'll like it!

Here's a link to the BHA Website:   http://www.barnhunt.com/index.html 

Here's a link to Valley Dog Sports Facebook Page:     https://www.facebook.com/ValleyDogSports/ 

Owned and operated by Karla Sanders, BHA Judge and Clinician, she is a great resource for clinics and lessons (many of which are held here), and she also puts on many Barn Hunt Trials throughout the year.


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