Established in 1991, Springhill Stables is a clean, fun, friendly, well maintained facility that features:
3 Indoor Arenas (60 x 144, 60 x 70 & 50 x 140), Large Outdoor Arena, & 3 Round Pens (66', 50', & 50'-Indoor). We offer both full and partial care with a "pick your package" type deal. The more you do, the less it costs, the more we do, the more it costs! We do all of the feeding, both morning and evening, whether or not we provide the food, or you provide the food.
Base rate for an inside stall is $135/month, and a stall with a paddock is $160/month. Feed rates depend on what the horse is fed (ie: grass or grass and alfalfa, grain, etc). Stall cleaning and turnout rates depend on the frequency (every day or every other day - with the minimum cleaning requirement being every other day).
So, in a nutshell... if you provide your own food and clean your own stall, your rate would be $135 - $160/month. All breeds and disciplines are welcome. We have horses ranging from Minis to Warmbloods, and everything in between. We have all disciplines from trail riding to jumping, and everything in between. We have a wonderful group of people here where everyone gets along... like a big family (the way it should be). Horses settle in very easily and we have often been dubbed as the "Peaceable Kingdom"!

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